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James Connew


NZ Athletes

Hamilton based James Connew just missed out on a spot to the Games in 2015 and is keen to get back to the big stage of CrossFit competition. James made his debut at the 2014 Australia/Pacific Regional earning 13th spot and jumped up to 6th in his next appearance. James has also seen success in a number of home-grown competitions and was crowned New Zealand’s Fittest Man in 2015. He sat out the 2016 season because of a recurring wrist problem. And is excited to see what 2017 will bring.

Marc Thomas


NZ Athletes

Former Defence Force physical training instructor, Marc found CrossFit at the end of 2012. With a strong fitness background he qualified for the Australia Regional after just a few months of training, finished 24th. In 2014 he competed as part of at Regionals team. .

Michael Mikaere


NZ Athletes

Michael made his first appearance at the Australia/Pacific Regional in 2014 finishing 26th. After a year in Kuwait. Qualifying 3rd in the Africa region to compete at the Meridian Super Regional in Copenhagen, Denmark placing 15th and was 23rd last year in his return to the Pacific Regional. Michael trains out of CrossFit Poneke in Wellington and is pushing to make a return to Wollongong this season.

Rebecca Connew


NZ Athletes

Rebecca Connew has been a regular competitor at the Australia/Pacific Regionals, making her first appearance in 2014 with a creditable 30th spot. Since then she has finished 19th and 21st in her second and third appearances. Rebecca comes to CrossFit with a varied sporting background from equestrian through to mountain biking and lacrosse, she has also been a representative hockey player.

Tracey Stewart


NZ Athletes

Our CrossFit East Tamaki athlete, Tracey has an impressive record making it to four Australia/Pacific Regionals. Her motivation to compete comes not just from her abilities, but also the opportunity to inspire others. In her day job as PE teacher she is working with the University of Auckland and Sport NZ on ways to plan and deliver PE to raise student achievement and engagement. Tracey brings her competitive spirit to the CrossFit Regionals floor, climbing from 32nd at her first Regional to 26th, then 17th and 18th.

Ruth Anderson Horell


NZ Athletes

Ruth is one of New Zealand’s most successful CrossFit athletes and a national representative in Olympic weightlifting. A three-time CrossFit Games competitor Ruth’s best placing was 15th in year 2013 and has been a regular visitor to Wollongong for the Australia/Pacific Regionals, just missing out on a third Games spot in 2014. Unfortunately injury has marred her past few seasons, with a thumb and an elbow issue forcing her to withdraw from competition in 2015 and then Regionals in 2016. We look forward to seeing her back on the competition floor in both weightlifting and CrossFit.



Rob Forte - Australian Crossfit Champion


Australian Crossfit Champion

Rob has made it to the pinnacle of CrossFit competition six straight years and there are no signs of him slowing down. He is known as a true professional and a true workhorse. Very few functional fitness athletes can match Rob’s commitment to excellence in the sport of fitness. He is consistently at the top of his game and his unrelenting work ethic is respected by the global community. Rob has been on the Again Faster Team since the beginning. He uses Again Faster equipment for his day to day training and to run his gym – Reebok CrossFit Frankston.

Kara Webb - Female Australian Crosfit Champion


Australian Crossfit Champion

Kara is one of the fittest female athletes on the planet. Full stop. She is also one of the most loved functional fitness athletes in the world, taking home the Spirit of the Games award at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. Kara is taking the sport of fitness to another level in Australia and is a standout representative of women’s sport, globally. Kara will tell you that Again Faster was her first ever sponsor and she uses our gear day in and day out to help her reach that next milestone in life.

Damien Brown - UFC Lightweight Fighter


UFC Lightweight Fighter

Damien Brown was a breakout UFC fighter in 2016. Through his years of functional fitness and mixed martial arts training, he earned a spot to fight in the UFC octagon. Damien uses a variety of training methods to prepare himself for whatever the UFC throws at him but finds functional fitness training keeps him sharp, and training with our equipment gives him the edge he needs for his next fight.

Brandon Accardi - 105kg Australian Junior Champion


Australian National Champion Weightlifter

Brandon took out the 2016 Australian National Weightlifting title. At 20 years old, he’s a junior with a very bright future in front of him. He’s not only bringing home golds but also runs his functional fitness and weightlifting gym – Accardi Fitness – which is fitted out with Again Faster gear. A national champion and a savvy business man, Brandon’s working toward much bigger things. Look out for him on the big stage in years to come.

Josh Sheehan - FMX Rider


World Champion FMX Rider 

James is the first person in history to land a triple backflip on a motorbike. He is a champion freestyle motocross rider and a functional fitness advocate. You’ll find James performing to hundreds of thousands of fans around the world in various stadium shows, but when he is at home, he is all about getting fitter and stronger for his next big trick. James uses our gear to help him pursue his evolution and keep his body in condition to compete in the one of the most spectacular sports in the world.



BRANDON SWAN - Competition Athlete


Competition Athlete

Brandon Swan joins the team as a well-known face to many in the CrossFit community. Brandon represented the Australia Region at the Games three times from 2012-2014. Brandon has stayed in the top ranks for the past two years, placing 10th and 11th in 2015 and 2016 respectively and is not planning on hanging up his weightlifting shoes anytime soon. Always a fun competitor on the gym floor, there’s plenty more to come from Brandon.

Courtney Haley


Team Athlete

Another great CrossFitter from the Queensland region, Courtney made an impression at her first Pacific Regional as an individual finishing 7th overall, after finishing third in Queensland behind Kara Webb and Tia-Clair Toomey in the Open. Aged only 22 Courtney has a big future in CrossFit and is already a Games veteran after competing in the team event with CrossFit Rocks in 2015.

Kat Baker - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Kat Baker brings a huge engine and a great mental attitude from her professional triathlon career to CrossFit. Despite only a few years in the sport, Kat has competed at Regional level as both a team and individual athlete, finishing 13th in 2016. Kat has been successful in local and interstate competitions in both individual, in pairs and teams and is the ACT’s leading female CrossFitter.

Royce Dunne - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

A Games veteran after competing with the CrossFit Torian team in 2016, Royce is setting his sights on the individual competition. Royce has continued to improve in the Open rankings since jumping into the world wide CrossFit event in 2013. His highest Open ranking is 53rd, 11th in Queensland. However, Royce has made a significant contribution in team events, helping lift CrossFit Torian into the Games and a final spot of 40th in the World.

Alice Tucker - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Alice Tucker is another Games’ team veteran with a consistent track record though Opens and Regionals, though her focus has mostly been on the team. In 2014 she placed 29th in the region for the Open, but opted to be part of team Schwartz’s push for the Games, in 2015 she was part of the Schwartz team that placed 21st in the world.

Claire Fraser - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Claire has been a big part of CrossFit’s Australian community since making her first Regional in 2012. She finished 32nd and had the bug, returning every year since with her highest placing 13th in 2014. Claire continues to compete at the highest level and is always one to watch in.

Isabella Vallejo - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Isabella burst on to the international CrossFit scene as a 17 year old in 2015, taking out the first ever teenage girls 16-17 age group at the Games. Already a Games veteran at 19, she is keen to head back to the USA this time to take on the big guns of the women’s open competition. In her first year in the Open she finished a creditable 57th, but is looking to cement her place on the Regionals floor. A rising star in the women’s individual competition.

Rees Machell - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Rees placed third at the Games teen competition in 2015. In his first Open in the senior ranks he placed 60th in the Region, just missing out on a spot at Regionals. He is aiming to push for his place at Regionals this year and then make his run back to the CrossFit Games.

Natan Geva - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Natan was a regular qualifier for the Australian Regional, and now based in Dubai he is continuing to make a splash on the CrossFit scene. Natan was part of the CrossFit Yas team that finished third in the Games in 2016 and they are looking to make a comeback in 2017.

Tami Robinson - AF Team Athlete


Team Athlete

Tammi was a big star in her first Australian Regional in 2014, since then she has been based in Dubai, training with CrossFit Yas. She has maintained her competitive edge, making a Games appearance as part of the successful Yas team in 2016 which placed third.

Jack Clark - AF Athlete


Prospect Athlete

Jack is a young gun who has come up through the ranks as part of the Again Faster Academy. In his two Opens in the teenage division Jack has made his mark – taking out the Victorian state crown for two years in his age group and 5th and 2nd respectively. As he moves into the adult ranks, expect to see this young man making a splash on the Leaderboard.

Jackson Howie - AF Prospect Athlete


Prospect Athlete

Another AF Academy athlete, Jackson has been taking South Australian CrossFit by storm since jumping in to the teenage division in 2015. Jackson has won his state in his age group for the past two years, coming in 4th in the Pacific Regional last year. Jackson will be another young man to watch in this year’s Open and beyond.



Ebony Fogg - AF Nextgen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

AF Academy athlete Ebony Fogg started CrossFit back in 2012. She came in 1st place in Australia and 20th place worldwide in the CrossFit Open 2015 for the 14-15 years division, and 8th place in Australia and 17th place worldwide the following year for the 16-17 years division. She also placed 2nd in the CrossFit Roar Games in 2015, and then 1st in 2016. It was her mum, aunt, and uncle who inspired her to do CrossFit at a young age. Training six days a week, she’s a promising young athlete in her field. Prior to her current sport, she had also engaged in touch football, netball, track and field, cross country, and gymnastics. Ebony looks up to Australian CrossFit champion Kara Webb.

Will Moran - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Proving that training in one’s own home doesn’t stop anyone from achieving their goals, young athlete Will Moran has placed 6th in Australia for the Teens Categories in the CrossFit Open in 2015, and 9th in 2016. He started CrossFit in 2014 and since then, he’s been on a roll. Training CrossFit every day, he also includes soccer in his weekly routine. His other sports activities include surfing and BMX Racing on an elite level. He has competed all over Australia and New Zealand, and has even represented Australia at the BMX World Titles. Will looks up to CrossFit athlete Rich Froning.

Mia Gaudry - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Starting CrossFit only in 2014, Mia has gone a long way as an athlete. She got into the top 30 in Australia and top 300 worldwide in the CrossFit Open 2015. The following year, she took it up a notch by landing 2nd place in Australia and 61st place worldwide. A normal training week for her consists of doing CrossFit every day, Olympic Lifting every other day on weekdays, and gymnastics on Saturdays. Apart from being exceptionally skilled at CrossFit, Mia is also an achiever in other fields such as in Olympic Weightlifting, where she won 1st place in Australia Youth 53kg, and especially in her academics where she maintains straight As despite her busy schedule as an athlete.

Toby Crouch - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Young athlete Toby Crouch started CrossFit at the age of 11. It was his father who introduced the sport to the whole family. In 2016, he won 7th place in Australia and 38th worldwide for the Teens Categories in the CrossFit Open. Toby has a background in basketball, football, and tennis, but no longer engages in these sports seriously because CrossFit is now his current focus. However, he enjoys playing soccer in his backyard as a form of relaxation. He trains at home every day, except on Thursdays and Sundays. His favorite athletes include Kara Webb, Rob Forte, Noah Ohlsen, Mat Fraser, and Sara Sigmundsdottir.

Lucy Manion - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Another young athlete who started CrossFit back in 2014 is Lucy Manion. Her interest for the sport sparked when she saw her mother compete. A year after, she bagged the 21st place in Australia and got included in the top 200 worldwide in the CrossFit Open 2015. And then in 2016, she placed 1st in Australia and 52nd worldwide. She trains CrossFit six days a week, and does gymnastics on Wednesdays. She used to play club netball and touch football as well, but now focuses on CrossFit. The athletes that she looks up to are Lauren Fisher and Kara Webb.

Jed Rogers - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Jed started CrossFit Teens in 2013 and proceeded to training CrossFit Adults in 2015. He was introduced to the sport by his mother in order to improve his fitness for Rugby League. He landed 60th place in Australia for the Teens Categories in the CrossFit Open. One of his proudest achievements is winning 3rd place at the Weightlifting Nationals in Sydney. He had also engaged in rugby league and local triathlons, as well as swimming, wherein he made it to Districts in 2011-2014; and cross country, wherein he made it to Regionals in 2010-2012. Jed looks up to CrossFit athletes Ben Smith, Khan Porter, Kara Webb, and Rob Forte.

Brighton Lake - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

15-year-old Brighton Lake first engaged in CrossFit in 2013, following his mother who started training in 2012. He bagged the 42nd place in Australia for the Teens Categories in the CrossFit Open 2015. The following year, he skyrocketed to the 13th place. He now trains four nights a week for 1-2 hours, and also engages in Olympic Weightlifting, where he landed 1st place representing Queensland at the Nationals for the 62kg Youth Category. The young achiever was also the 2nd placer at Woodstock 2015 for the Teens Categories. Brighton looks up to top CrossFit athletes Kara Webb and Rob Forte.

Jay Crouch - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Training since 2013, young CrossFit athlete Jay Crouch has become one of the most promising achievers in his field. He finished 3rd in Australia and 17th worldwide (boys division) for the Teens Categories in the CrossFit Open 2016. However, he had always been into sports even during his younger years. At age 5, he started racing motocross. When he stopped racing at age 11, he started playing basketball for Frankston Blues. Jay started getting into CrossFit because he loved the idea of training to get better while being in a friendly community. He trains on weekdays and does other sports on weekends.

Angus Laurie - AF NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Angus Laurie got into CrossFit at a very young age. He was just 9 years old when he started training with his father. In 2015, he competed for the Teens Categories in the CrossFit Open and won 8th place in Australia and 45th worldwide. He competed again in 2016 and bagged the 1st place in Australia and 11th worldwide. Although the young athlete has gained achievements in CrossFit, his main sport is gymnastics. He has represented NSW during the last two National Championships and won 5th place in 2016. He is also into weightlifting, and even qualified for the National Junior Weightlifting Championships in 2016.

Livvy Massi - AF Academy NextGen Athlete


Academy NextGen Athlete

Inspired by her parents, Olivia started getting into CrossFit in 2014. During her first attempt at the CrossFit Open for the Teens Categories in 2016, she ranked 4th place in Australia and 66th worldwide. The young athlete has a background in gymnastics, wherein she got up to level 7 in the National Development Program; in soccer, wherein she has played in Division 1 for every year that she has played; and in skiing, wherein she has reached level 7, the highest. She’s also a certified Sure Life Saver. Olivia’s favorite CrossFit athletes are Annie Thorisdottir, Kara Webb, and Kylie Massi.

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