Bumper Trade-In Program | Again Faster New Zealand

Trade in your old Bumpers for a big discount on new ones!



Trade in your current Again Faster Bumper Plates in any condition and receive a 25% discount (off retail price) on brand new Again Faster Camo and Virgin Rubber Bumper plates

Or, trade in any other brand of bumper plates in usable condition and receive a 20% discount (off retail price) on brand new Again Faster Camo and Virgin Rubber Bumper plates

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the bumper trade in program, fill out the quick form on the bottom of this page and we’ll get it sorted for you. Go to form, click here >>

What condition shoud my bumper plates be in to trade in?





  1. Send in a few photos of your bumpers you want to trade in - We require “usable” plates of the same weight for each plate traded in
  2. Get approved for trade in
  3. We’ll send your new bumpers to your gym (up to four weeks)
  4. When your new bumpers arrive, put your old bumper plates in the boxes the new plates came in and we'll arrange to get them collected
  5. If we choose not to collect the plates they are to be donated to a School, PCYC, Local Football Club or similar
  6. You’ve got new bumpers!




We offer different finance and leasing options for our equipment. You can choose from different options and providers (like GenLease or Flexi Finance) as you like.

As an example, you can set up Opex roll-over deal - you'll be able to fit out your gym with brand new bumpers every three years. What you are doing is turning your major equipment expense in to an operational expense (Opex). This means, you never have to come up with huge cash payments, killing your cashflow, to make upgrades to your gym.

With the three year Opex option an average gym (100 members) is likely to pay $0.51 per member / per week only. Of course, you should seek independant financial adivce to determine if this deal is right for you.



Our finance officer will you help you set up

Our Finance officer will get in touch with you and help set up the equipment lease. Email : finance@againfaster.com.au

When the finance deal is settled, we'll send your new bumpers and get your old bumpers picked up from your gym.

At the end of your three-year finance term, you can roll the existing deal over into brand new bumpers for three more years.


By converting your major equipment purchases in to an operating expense through this deal, you’ll never have to scrimp, save and disrupt your cash flow to upgrade your bumpers again. You’ll just roll-over the deal and receive new bumpers every three years!




Matt opened his gym five years ago

Matt opened his gym five years ago.  He got the best bumpers he could afford back then, but now the bulk of his bumpers are looking pretty ratty.  He needs to replace most of them because the collars are loose and cracking around the insert. Most of the plates are split and he has another pile that are completely chunked out and unusable.  He wants his gym to look good but it’s starting to show its age.

He needs to replace his bumpers

The trouble is, coming up with the cash to replace all his plates seems impossible.  He’s also concerned about the new gym down the street that has all new gear and charges lower membership fees too.  Matt wonders if his clients have noticed how polished the new gym looks compared to his.

He is short on cash and his competior's gym has the best of everything

He's seen what his competitor has through the window.  All new bumper plates, and the best of everything.  He questions how they can afford to have all the best gear, pay the rent, and pay the salaries of all the trainers and staff working there too.  Someone with a lot of money must be backing the place.

He gets financial advice and finds he can turn his bumpers into an operating expense

Matt speaks to his accountant to find out how they might be doing it. He learns that the new gym considers their equipment an operating expense (Opex) not a capital expense (Capex).  So, they pay small monthly payments to have all the best gear, instead of having to come up with huge amounts of cash to upgrade the gym every couple of years. Matt realises he'd only pay $0.51 (51 cents) per member / per week (100 members) to have brand new bumpers in his gym every three years.

Matt finds out how he can have brand new bumpers every three years

Matt considers his options.  He can make small payments each month and keep the gym looking great all the time or he can try to save thousands of dollars for upgrades every couple of years.

Matt really likes the idea of never having ratty looking bumpers in the gym.  They are the most used pieces of equipment; what his clients see and handle every day.  The Opex option sounds like a good idea.  He pays a little bit each month and he gets brand new bumper plates for the gym every three years with no hassle.




Do I have to use finance?​​​​​​​​

  • ​No, you don't. We can accept any normal payment type.

How long will it take to get my new bumpers?

  • It normally takes up to four (4) weeks to settle this type of deal.

How are discounts calculated?

  • All discounts in this offer are off retail price of the actual product

Which bumper plates do I get?

  • Our Camo Rubber Bumpers are included in this offer, no other bumper plates.

What condition to my bumpers need to be in?

  • Useable condition - small cracks and loose collars are okay.  Very minor chunks and or divots.  If you'd be happy to use them in an normal class at your gym, they should be fine.  There's no harm in sending us some photos for a bit of advice.

Can I add on extra equipment that I need?

  • No problem, of course you can.


If you’re interested in taking advantage of the bumper trade in program, fill out the quick form below and we’ll get it sorted for you:
Email: service@againfaster.co.nz | Phone: 0800 664 323