Sign up to be an Again Faster Reseller Gym

Author: Again Faster New Zealand   Date Posted:1 March 2016 



Welcome to the Again Faster Reseller Program


Stock your pro-shop with proven training accessories that are excactly what your clients need

Our reseller program is open to all gyms wanting to offer training accessories to thier clients through thier Pro Shop.  Your clients get what they need to keep training hard and you make a bit of extra cash.  Eveyone wins.  It's perfect, isn't it! 


Here is what you'll receive access to as a Gym Reseller:

  1. Sign up and receive access to the Gym Reseller section of our website - a special tab
  2. Get access to specially priced Athlete essential training accessories to offer clients in your Pro-Shop
  3. Easily order directly from our site
  4. Earn 35% - 50% margin when you sell them at retail in your Pro-Shop - Extra revenue for your gym
  5. Get an easy set up - We'll send a Reseller Start up Pack
  6. Starter packs include a range of our faster moving product for immediate Revenue generation
  7. Get a risk free 90 day buy back guarantee - If an item doesn't sell, we'll buy it back
  8. Free Shipping on orders over $100


Here's how to sign up.

Just click here to send us an email via our contact page and we'll get in touch with you to supply all the details you need to get started.