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Strength Equipment to keep you fit and stronger

We've got a question for you...  Do you feel like you are strong enough?  We all understand that NO is the correct answer to that question, no matter if you want to be able to do your first pull up or set a new Deadlift PR. It's relative to the individual but the next strength goal is always worth working for.  

There are usually a couple of reasons why that next PR is just out of reach.  One is strength, ofcourse, and technique is usually the other. You already know that you need raw strength to move a heavy load but you also need strong technique to get the load moving efficently or to catch it at the critical moment.

Get stronger through weight training, using strength equipment  You can call it strength equipment, Olympic Lifting Equipment or CrossFit equipment Australia.  If it's on this page, it's functional fitness equipment and it does the job.

The products on this page will help you get to that next milestone.  You can do the heavy stuff with barbells, bumpers and racks; or work on accessory movements with kettlebells, dumbells or stones.  We want you to hit that next PR soon. Get the gear you need and get stronger now.