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 A question about Barbells:

We’ve sold thousands of barbells over the years.  So, as you can imagine,  we are often asked similar questions during sales. Here’s one that might be helpful to you when buying your next barbell.

Company XYZ is selling barbells much cheaper.  Why is that?


15kg Barbell for Women Weightlifters - Again Faster Share:

Author: Again Faster   Date Posted: 15 February 2017  


Over the years, Kettlebells have turned out to be well known in sports clubs, CrossFit boxes, and training studios. Unlike conventional weights, or machines found in commercial gyms, kettlebells will give you a workout different from more traditional equipment.


The use of kettlebells started way back in the 18th century, in Russia. At that time, they were called “Girya” which according to the Russian Dictionary, meant a weight to measure grains. Kettlebells have long been a symbol of ...

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A folding squat rack will let you do a lot of work in a small training space.

There is nothing more valuable than space when you are talking about setting up a training area. If you have garage that you try to train in, you know how difficult it can be to clear out the space needed to set up a dedicated training area. And if you own a gym, we don’t have to tell you how valuable floor space is for you. Floor space equals revenue.

Let’s face it. Constantly shuffling equipment around...

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted: 6 December 2016  

Again Faster Squat Stand 3.0

A squat stand is a classic piece of training equipment you can’t be without. A squat stand will allow you to work safer under the bar with heavier weight, vary your training with additional exercises and we bet there are some accessories you can add to the stand that you didn’t even know about. 


Here are the benefits of training with a good squat stand.


1. A squat stand makes training safer

If you are going to be lifting ...

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted: 6 December 2016  

Bumper Plates in New Zealand

All bumper plates are not created equal 

There are three important points to consider when looking at investing a set of bumper plates: material, quality, purpose.   

All bumper plates pretty much look the same on a nice clean white background as they are displayed on most websites these days.  But what you really want to know is how they will perform and what will they look like after six months or six years of use. &nbs...

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