Shipping Policy - Again Faster New Zealand

Our shipping partners

Again Faster Australia/NZ has partnered with three of Australia's largest, quickest and most reliable carriers to make sure your order is shipped in the fastest, safest, and most reliable method possible.


Nominating a shipping address

We recommend using a shipping address like a business address or one where someone will always be available to receive goods during business hours. You can still make alternative arrangements to have your goods left at a location, however, you will need to let us know so we can make a note on the delivery label, and of course, you will need to accept responsibility for any goods that are lost or stolen.


Calculating shipping charges

Calculating shipping charges in New Zealand can have many variables so we check them for you to avoid any surprises or delays. Whilst ecommerce websites aim to be as close to the actual shipping cost as possible, the variables can skew the shipping charge. Areas considered rural, remote or beyond depot boundaries usually incur different charges that need to be calculated manually. We’ll do this for you quickly, to avoid your order being held up due to a discrepancy.

The shipping charge calculated as part of your website sale is an indication only on New Zealand websites. If the manual calculation is different from the website charge, we’ll contact you to discuss options on shipping prior to dispatch. Keep this in mind when placing an order on any New Zealand ecommerce website.


What if someone won't be there for delivery

Always opt to have your goods delivered to an address where there is someone available to accept delivery in person. On delivery day, if the driver cannot access your property, you will be left a calling card - redelivery charges may apply, which you will be required to pay to the carrier.  

Again, if you need to make special arrangements please contact our service team via this link.


Average Shipping times* 

All in-stock equipment ships within 2 business days of the final processing of your order.  Our couriers recommend using the following delivery times as a guide, once your order leaves our warehouse.

New Zealand

1-2 Days*: North Island - Non-rural areas

3-4 Days*: North Island - Rural areas

3-4 Days*: South Island - Non-rural 

3-4 Days*: South Iskand - Rural areas 

(The cost is higher for rural delivery.)

*Allow extra days for regional or remote areas. 


Details on the delivery of your order

  • Of course, these times can vary based on weather, holidays, and unforeseen circumstances. Delivery times to suburbs outside of Metro area's may vary.
  • If your order is bulky or contains bulky items, shipping times may vary. If your item weighs in excess of 22kg delivery drivers may not be able to deliver to a Unit or Apartment number - make sure to let us know if this is the case. This rarely happens, however, if you have received a notice from the carrier saying they couldn't make delivery, just contact the number on the notice and they will help to make other arrangements to deliver your goods to you.
  • Please be aware that you may receive two deliveries depending on items purchased, one via New Zealand Post and another via one of our larger freight carriers.  Or the carrier may need to spilt a very large order into a couple of shipments in some circumstances.
  • Please note this is an estimate of average shipping times from the couriers only. Delays can happen and items can be lost.  It is not common but does happen from time to time.


Again, thank you for your order and happy training!

The Team at Again Faster