Bang Bang Shrimp

Author: Stacey and Matty   Date Posted:8 June 2017 

Bang Bang Shrimp


Cooking Tip: When sautéing onions, add a pinch of baking soda. It will bring the browning on faster and literally half the cooking time. On a side note, baking soda is also great for neutralising stomach acids. We recommend adding into your cooking especially if you suffer from heart burn.

Training Tip: Take your hand wider when back squatting. This will take the pressure off the rotator cuff muscles, allow you to pull your elbows further forward, which allows your chest to stay more upright.



Bang Bang Shrimp



1. Prep the dressing. Simple.

2. Prep the slaw. Red and green cabbage, romaine and napa cabbage to keep things interesting, plus snow peas, peppers, scallions and a lot of cilantro, all sliced and tossed together.

3. Dressing, meet slaw.

4. Cook the shrimp and while that's going, throw together the three-ingredient sauce. Plate it all and you're ready to eat!

We told you it was bang-bang quick.


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