Stuffed Pumpkin with Mince and Apple

Author: Stacey and Matty   Date Posted:20 July 2017 

Stuffed Pumpkin with Mince and Apple


Cooking Tip: When making soup don't over complicate it. If the flavours work when they're not pureed they'll definitely work when they are. By simply taking a meat and veg dish, adding some bone broth or stock, some garlic and potentially ginger and turning to puree in your blender you've created a soup. Keep it simple and use herbs to add flavour. 

Training Tip: Try to keep mobility and training separate. The body needs the recovery work however doing it just before training can make the muscles over relaxed and potentiallyf cause more harm then good.

Mindset Tip: Belly breathing... Take a deep breath in through your nose and let your belly swell up the air. This is called belly breathing. When you are anxious breath in for 4 seconds and out of 8 seconds and repeat until calm.


Stuffed Pumpkin with Mince and Apple

With this recipe, you don’t really need a side dish, since there are already plenty of vegetables in the stuffing, and in the squash itself. It would be a great recipe to try out now and then hang onto for Thanksgiving or just stick it in your rotation for the days that call for something seasonal that won’t be a huge challenge to cook.


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