How to train like an athlete six days a week without being at the gym all the time.

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:9 October 2018 


Once you start training in strength and conditioning and the gains start coming on, you begin to realise your true potential.

If you love the weights, and the sweat, and the gym, you can very easily get into a routine that sees you getting swole six days a week.  After months and months of this routine, you start to feel that you are spending too much time at the gym and that other parts of your life are being neglected.  So how do you stay on the gainz train without being at the gym all the time?

Read on to find out how you can train like an athlete six days a week without being at the gym all the time.

You want to be an Athlete

One of the main reasons you started strength and conditioning training was to get fitter than the average person on the street.  And if you’re like the rest of us, once you started feeling comfortable with the movements and learning how to push yourself beyond what you could normally achieve, you started to become an athlete.  And it felt good.  You started to look good in your clothes, naked in the mirror and you started to feel awesome, so you decided that you were going to take this training as far as you could take it.  Then you realized that you were in the gym all the time!


But, you don’t want to be in the gym all the time

We’ve all done it.  In the pursuit of the perfect physique and awesome performance you started to neglect other parts of your life.  At first, it didn’t bother you one bit.  Actually, you preferred being in the gym.  It was all those other people who didn’t get how important S&C training was.  They were eating crap and were going to die early.  Good luck to them!  But then something changed.  The gym seemed quieter on a Friday night and Saturday morning.  And you were there alone.


What's the problem then?

You first problem is that you don’t have enough time to squeeze in all your training and your social life. You need a good two to three hours at the gym to do what you want to get done and you need six nights a week to achieve what you want to achieve. You really like how you look and what your body can do though, and you’re not prepared to give up on all your hard work you’ve put in so far.

However, you are starting to feel isolated from what you see going on in your newsfeeds. People are taking regular holidays, taking trips away on the weekends, hitting the clubs and going to shows.  You’d love to, but this isn’t your scene any more, right? You’re an athlete now. And to be an athlete you need to act like one, all the time.

Do you though?  Is there another way to stay swole and save yourself a lot of the time you spend at the gym?


Do some of the work at home

One solution would be to do some of the work you are doing at the gym at home.  A good place to start would be to do your accessory work at home in a little home gym you’re going to set up.

You wouldn’t need much equipment to do your accessory work at home, would you? A few resistance bands to do some mobility / strength work in the garage or while binging that Netflix show that everyone is talking about.  You might get a floss and a lacrosse ball too, so you stay nice and flexy.  You can do a bit of light stabilization work at home too, with dumbbells and kettlebells.


If you were to grab a couple of kettlebells or dumbbells, there are dozens of exercises you could do at home to supplement the programming you are doing at the gym.  A Turkish get up is an awesome strength and mobility exercise that will suit anyone’s training.  And you don’t have to do too many of them to feel the affects of the movement.  You might try some light dead lift variations or some sumo squats to hit those muscles that your normal programming doesn’t quite reach as well, and you could do all this anywhere at home in less than ten minutes.  But what if you want to go a bit heavier, like squatting?

Any coach will tell you that squatting is the one exercise that you can never get enough of.  Just think about if you had a squat rack and bench set up at home with a barbell and a set of plates.  You could either do your normal programming at home and save yourself a heap of time or you could hit some more squats on an alternate day at 80% or less and get closer to beast mode before you know it.  Squats transfer over to everything: air squats, pistols, wall balls, sprinting, jumping pushing, pulling, everything.  Squatting at home could get you closer to your goals quicker than you ever thought.  Now that you’ve got a heap of ideas that will really help you, let’s get you the gear you need to keep up the gains but get you back into normal life.


It’s easy to get the gear you need

All you need to do to get the gear you need and save yourself a heap of time is to click on any of the links in this article or contact us for a quote on a sweet home gym package.  Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it for you.  You’ll still be on your road to finding your best version of you and you’ll be enjoying the best years of your life outside of the gym too.

Get your home gym set up and go from just having a gym life to being the life of the party hahah!


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