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Follow Chris Strange from Again Faster Australia as he travels through Japan - The Land of The Rising Sun - with Adventure Fit Travel.

Chris Strange - Japan Trip 2015

The Land of the Rising Sun with Adventure Fit Travel


Hi guys, I'm Chris Strange from Again Faster Australia / New Zealand.  I'm the main customer serivce contact at Again Faster - Brisbane so I've most likely spoken to you on the phone or via email.

If you're like me, you're probably hanging out for a great holiday.  I'm a CrossFitter and a Solo Adventure Hiker so I get a bit bored on a traditional laze about holiday.  Since I prefer to stay active on my holidays, I've decided to jump on the upcoming Adventure Fit Travel Japan Trip and I thought I'd share my experience with you because I've had a few people asking me to do so.

There is just under six weeks to get your ticket so I thought I'd start by letting you know what is involved with the trip.  Check out the Adventure Fit Travel Website to sign up.  I'll do a few more posts as a travel journal for those who are thinking of doing a trip with Adventure Fit Travel.


The trip dates are September 6 - 15.  Journey through Japan on The Land Of The Rising Sun trip.


Highlights include;

  • Morning run of Fushimi Inari Shrine.
  • WOD's at some of Japan's best boxes.
  • Training workshops with CF Games athlete Denae Brown and the HangStrong Gymnastics team.
  • White water rafting in Fuji.
  • Samurai school in Kyoto.
  • Overnight climb of Mt Fuji.
  • Night at Tokyo’s famous Robot Restaurant. 
  • Baseball in Tokyo (optional).
  • Sumo tournament in Tokyo (optional).


This is going to be amazing!  I'm pretty excited for this.  Hopefully, you can come along, too.

For full details head to;



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