Prosciutto & Apple Crusted Salmon with Whittled Asparagus

Author: Stacey and Matty   Date Posted:29 June 2017 

Prosciutto & Apple Crusted Salmon with Whittled Asparagus


Cooking Tip: Use cooked quinoa in your smoothies! It thickens the smoothie and is a great carbohydrate to accompany fruit and protein flavours.

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Prosciutto & Apple Crusted Salmon with Whittled Asparagus


It pairs aged, cured pork with Alaskan salmon, and a hint of sweetness from a Granny Smith apple. Sear that up and cook to an internal temp of 120ºF and you're golden. I served this over some Thomas Keller inspired whittled asparagus for a more complete meal, but overall, this one is heavy on protein.


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