Kettlebells: Strength Tools That Anyone Can Use

Author: Again Faster   Date Posted:15 June 2017 

Again Faster Kettlebells

Kettlebells are awesome strength training tools that anyone can use. They're easy to use when you first start training, you can move on to more advanced movements as you get a bit more comfortable with them, and you can end up doing highly technical complex movements. So, really, they're a tool that you can start your training with and the progressions are endless. By the end of using a kettlebell in your training, you'll be a kettlebell master.

The reason kettlebells are so easy to use when you first start training, is because they're a very simple piece of equipment. It's just a little cast iron ball, on a bottom of a handle, that you pick up and you swing. The first movement that you will likely learn is the "Russian Kettlebell Swing." Pop your hips and get it to swing to chest level. After that, you'll probably taking it overhead. And you'll probably do hundreds, or even thousands, of those when you first start training. That's an awesome way to develop strength, of course, and it's also a great way that you can develop stability through your core and shoulders, and a variety of different movements. In the beginning of your training, start doing some general swings and then you move on to more advanced movements.

Using Again Faster Kettlebells

You might start doing single-arm movements like a "Kettlebell Clean and Jerk" or "Kettlebell Snatch." Another option is doing single-arm swings. If you have a pair of kettlebells, you can swing two at the same time. If you start getting into unilateral movements, it's great for a couple of reasons: you're developing that strength where you might have one side of your body that's weaker than the other, and of course, that part of your body can't rely on the other, to move most of the weight like it would with the barbell, or something similar. It's a great way to expose weaknesses and strengthen them, as well, as you move into more complex movements.

Two kettlebells are an awesome way to move up to highly technical and complex movements that you can do as well. Of course, anybody who has attempted a Turkish get-up before knows that it requires an amazing amount of stability, strength, and stamina. Do a set of five Turkish Get-ups and you'll know straight away that you'll have sweat pouring off you. You'll be shaking probably uncontrollably, and in a very short amount of time, you've had an amazing workout.

There's no real end as to how heavy kettlebells can be. We're seeing in CrossFit competition that people are using kettlebells up to 70 kilos these days. In a Strongman Competition, you'll probably be using implements that are much heavier than that. So, if you came to progress and use kettlebells as a strength tool, there's really nothing stopping you. It's only the size of the mold or the size of the kettlebell that is available in the market that's holding you back from getting a very heavy kettlebell and using that.

Kettlebells are a great strength training tool that anyone can use. They're obviously a very easy, entry, low-skill tool that's very portable, which you can use when you start training. You can have a bit of Googling to find a heap of exercises that are more technical and more difficult, as you start to build strength and confidence with the kettlebell. As you move up to the heavier weights and start doing highly advanced movements, there's really no end to what you can do with a kettlebell. It's a great tool for strength, stamina, stability, and overall athletic development.

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