Author: Patrick Cummings   Date Posted:3 January 2012 

Filmed in August of 2011 in San Antonio, Texas, at Alamo CrossFit, the first ever Again Faster Adaptive Athlete Summit featured some of CrossFit's best coaches as they came together with a group of adaptive athletes for two days of gymnastics, olympic lifting and mobility work. Coaches Jeff Tucker, Jay Leydon, Austin Malleolo and James Hobart joined with Olympians Chad Vaughn and Kendrick Farris to put the guys through skill sessions and CrossFit workouts, proving--if it even needed to be proven--that CrossFit is for everybody. 

The weekend culiminated in six athletes being named to the Again Faster Competition Team, captained by Kyle Maynard, with the goal of further showing the world what is possible when you stop looking for excuses and start to adapt.

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