Jarrod Bowe - Welcome to the Development Team - Masters Athlete

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:25 February 2015 

When you look in the background of Jarrod Bowe’s photo galleries, you see guys like Commando Steve, Pat Sherwood and a host of other HQ and mainstream fitness personalities.  It was also Greg Glassman who convinced him to open his own affiliate – CrossFit Arena.  J Bone has a lot of skin in the game and an incredible network of top professionals around him, usually an indication of great character.  Again Faster Australia can’t think of a better person to announce as the next member of the Development Team – Masters Athlete.

Jarrod Bowe_Aussie Flag

Again Faster Australia supported Jarrod during his CrossFit Games Campaign last year, in 2014.  Now as a full-fledged member of the Development Team – Masters Athlete – Jarrod will make his run at the 2015 CrossFit Games.  Jarrod finished 17th in the world last year (40-45), under injury, which suggests when he is fully fit, there’s nothing stopping him.  Jarrod has had an impressive support crew with likes of Rob Forte and Matt Swift who he worked with during his campaign last year.  As a mature and wise competitor, he will have learned from last year's experience and will use the strong community support he has developed down at CrossFit Arena, to push even further into the Games season this year.

Jarrod has an impressive resume of coaching experience, instructor qualifications, sporting affiliations, competition appearances and elite level success.  An impressive individual and the perfect candidate to fill the next spot on the Again Faster Development Team – Masters Athlete, providing inspiration to all of us who hope to continue to Pursue Our Evolution into our 40’s and beyond.

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