Kara Webb and Rob Forte - Friendly Competition

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:18 March 2015 

Kara Webb and Rob Forte - Friendly Competition

The Set Up

Each year, Gene Suna and Brian Bucholtz host a training weekend for Again Faster Development Team Athletes Kara Webb and Rob Forte.  The weekend is designed to put Kara and Rob under similar stresses they might face at The CrossFit Games.  With seven Games appearances between them, there is plenty of experience to draw from.

The Players

Kara’s signature t-shirt “Fear Is a Liar” suits her perfectly.  You know she tackles any challenge head on with complete focus.  She’s shown us just how great she is by coming back from last year’s heartbreak of having to pull out of the Games, even better.  Her 2015 Open scores are incredible.  Her work on the barbell is making most men nervous, now.  She’s back and she’s going to be tough to beat.

Rob is gunning for his fifth trip back to the CrossFit Games.  To be successful that many years in a row, you need to be able to push through pain.  In the video, Brian mentions that Rob was sick during the first workout.  He suffered from severe food poisoning the night before their exhibition workout, with a large crowd due to attend.

The Professionalism

Once again, Rob showed his professionalism by turning up, doing what he needed to do to remain competitive, even though the burpee box jumps hurt like never before, and spent time with his supporters in the CrossFit community, who had made the trip to see him in action.  

He ended up taking out the Mock CrossFit Games weekend by three seconds when it was all said and done, showing once again that “I Can and I Will” gets him back to the top of the podium time and time again.

Since 2009, we've all wanted to see an Australian on top of the CrossFit Games Podium.  We're almost there.  

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