Kara Webb - Not at her best.

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:1 April 2015 

Kara is Going to Be Tough to Catch

Kara Webb is back ladies and Gentlemen.  And she’s lookin’ good!
Leader Board - Games

Kara finished the 2015 CrossFit Games Open 2nd in the world and 1st in Australia by healthy margin.

The leader board shows, Kara has a margin of almost 30 kilos in work out 15.1a, a test of strength and technique, and nearly an entire minute in 15.5, a serious test of physical and mental capacity, over the 2nd and 3rd place finishers in Australia.  With the weights likely to get heavier at Regionals and the tests of capacity likely to get even tougher, that gap is likely to be even more difficult to close for the girls chasing Kara.

Keep in mind, Kara openly admits she’s not at top form yet and doesn’t need to be until The CrossFit Games in July.  During the open, she trains her ass off all week and then uses the Open workout as a test to see what’s left in the tank.  No tapering.  No missed training opportunities.  One and done.  No leader board games.

“I will never be my best until games time in July.  The first week of the opens feels like I am exactly where I need to be for March.  I am not as strong as I will be but I don’t want to be just yet.  I’m training ridiculously hard through the week to ensure that I am at my best when in counts and the open workouts are a good little test at the end of the week to see what I can pull out of the hat with one big effort, after such a big week.  My mindset is so clear and calm, ready for a strong season.”
She Had to Come Back From Heartbreak

She's back on track and this is great news for Kara. However, we all know the heartbreak she suffered at the Games last year as her body deteriorated and a life changing $275,000 slipped from her grasp.  Of course, she has rationalised the event and moved on.

“The prize pool for winning the games is north of $275,000.  I was on track to potentially win it but there’s no prize until everything has been tested and my body couldn’t hold up at that time.  My body didn’t meet the requirements to be the fittest on earth in 2014 so that prize money went to the one that could.”

Next was her performance at the Reebok CrossFit Invitational, where she just wasn’t the Kara we all know and love.

“The invitational was not long after the Games and I was still working through my injury, so my training was cautious.”

As we all know, Kara’s injury was related to a dental issue, referring physical complications to other parts of her body.  Now that Kara knew what the issue was, and took steps to repair the damage, her goal was to work through the mental implications injury can cause and allow herself to let go and hit that high intensity again.  When the games season comes around it also needs to be mostly about her.

“When games season approaches, I definitely need to be a little selfish. You have to learn to say no if it’s not in your best interest, which is difficult at times, but I have worked so incredibly hard all year round and this is my time.  It’s time to do my thing.  In saying that, I still have a job and that is as a coach at CrossFit Roar and I am running an intimate online homework program.  These are commitments that I chose so it’s my responsibility to stay true to those commitments.”

She’s supported by her CrossFit Roar Family

Her friends and CrossFit Roar Family have been there with her all the way.

“My awesome crew at the gym have been a huge part of my journey so we kind of do it together.  They cried for me when I was injured, they support me when I’m tired from a massive day of training, and they cheer for me when I’m busting my guts in the comp floor.  I love helping these people on their own CrossFit journeys.  Each journey very unique to them the way mine was when I started, and I’m super lucky to be a part of it with them.”

Kara also has a new, online community to help on their CrossFit journey, too.

“As for my online homework program, its a little passion project that I keep small and its about promoting the beautiful skills of CrossFit by including accessory work and learning to be a better athlete by learning to do movements well.  It’s heaps of fun.”

You Love Her Even More for Her Personality

You probably love Kara for her personality just as much as you love her for displaying what is possible for women in competitive CrossFit.  She and her partner Jason are hilarious to be around, and I’m sure you are all followers of #willowsworld.  Kara says Jase keeps her young and is very quick to thank those who have helped her get to where she is in CrossFit.

“I became a part of the Again faster Aus team back in 2012 before I had done anything significantly cool.  They have this amazing ability to recognise talent in people that they may not see in themselves and that’s what they did for me. I have a special place in my heart for Again Faster Aus because they are promoting not only this wonderful sport but the community, and genuine people doing it. They were my first ever sponsor and have provided me with countless opportunities, been a listening ear when I needed it, and kitted me out with some wicked gear that allows me and my loved ones to do what we love.”

She’s back and she’ll be a force to be reckoned with throughout the rest of the CrossFit Game’s season.  She’s a true professional and a wonderful ambassador for Again Faster Equipment, functional fitness and Women’s sport at a global level.

Adam Lesniak is the Marketing and Media Manager for Again Faster Australia / New Zealand.  Photos courtesy of Jodi Dunks & Kara Webb.

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