Keegan Wolfenden – Out of CrossFit Competition

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:4 March 2015 

Keegan - 2014

Keegan Wolfenden’s score was missing from the leader board, after final submissions closed on 15.1 and 15a.  Read on to find out why Keegan is now out of CrossFit Competition…

A workout like 15.1, and certainly 15.1a, was tailor made for an athlete like Keegan Wolfenden - Again Faster Development Team athlete.  Surprisingly, his name was nowhere to be found in the top 30 fittest men in Australia when submissions closed at the end of 15.1 & 15.1a.  Many people in the community had been tipping Keegs as an athlete who might have a shot at going to the CrossFit Games this year, with five athletes now going from the Australian Region.

Keegs has been putting up some impressive videos on Social Media this year that are well liked by all corners of the community.  One comment from one of the memes read, “No point in posting anymore.  Keegs has got all the records.”  

He was making really heavy doubles, triples and fives look pretty darn easy.  Although, he has been carrying an injury since last year’s Australian CrossFit Regionals that not many people knew about.

“My inside quad muscle is still a bit tired from last year.  It’s moved just up into my abbs, too.  That whole side is sore and my mobility through there isn’t great. I can do pretty much everything still but it really hurts when I put my leg behind me or squat deep under load.  Running is out of the question.  I almost got ran over, crossing the street the other day.”

Keegs told me he knew he was going to struggle coming into this Games season but he was still going to have a crack at 15.1 & 15.1a.

“I did a couple of reps and thought, this is going to be a struggle.  I had a break and coached the next class.  I came back to it, warmed up and tried again.  I just can’t string toes to bar together.  It’s that recoil at the bottom.  I can do them strict, but I can’t put them together.  The jerk would have been a problem, too.  I just can’t get my leg behind me, comfortably, at the moment.”

I asked Keegs how he felt about it when he knew he was out.

“I was shattered.  But, I’m still relatively young, and this is my first real injury in any sport that I have been a part of so I’m positive about coming back pretty strong.”

I said that many people might have put him in the top five to go to the Games.

“Anyone in that top ten has a chance this year, maybe the top fifteen.  You’d put your money on Rob [Forte], but other than that, there are a lot of guys who could go.”

Keegs - Regionals 2013

I asked him what the recovery plan was:

“I’ll need to go get it checked out.  A couple of my clients with medical backgrounds are saying a possible hernia, but I won’t know until I get it checked out properly.  I’ll take a couple of weeks off the heavy stuff and modify my workouts, but I’ll keep training.  I was training pretty well up to that point so I’ll come back strong.”

We wrapped up the conversation with a chat about the new formats of the Open, Regionals and the Games.  Keegs’s thoughts were this:

“It’s a step closer to finding the fittest and that’s what is it supposed to be about.  Whatever we need to do to get the fittest people to the Games, so if that’s only two or three from this region, or it’s five, so be it.”

I got the feeling Keegs was disappointed about being out of Games Season this year, but was positive about his recovery.  Like most top athletes, he had his mind set on a longer term goal than immediate success.  This set back was annoying but wouldn’t keep him from reaching his goals or doing what he loves to do.

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