R. Gowing and J. Connew win 15.4

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:26 March 2015 

If you have a partner competing against you with you in the Open, then it’s probably a bit more nerve racking fun to do the workout each week. You think of it as an opportunity to bond just that little bit more. And if they happen to beat you, hey, we’re just lifting a few weights and having fun. No big deal, right?

CrossFit is great for building amazing communities of people very quickly. If you train with your partner, you know that it can tear apart a relationship just as quickly. Unless of course you and your partner both share the number one spot. Now that would be something special.

Two members of the Again Faster New Zealand Development Team have done just that. Rebecca Gowing and James Connew are both well-known Regional Athletes who take a pretty good selfie together. And it seems both of them can knock out HSPU’s and cleans better than most of the world, too.

Becs finished up 25th in the world in 15.4 and James pushed into the top five just behind Josh Bridges, Mathew Fraser and Rich Froning. Now that is something to be proud of. They both finished up in first place in the Australian Region on 15.4, as well.

Most of us can only dream of what it would feel like to sit on top of the leader board during the Open, but imagine if you looked across and your #1 partner in crime was right there with you. It’s fair to say, all the long days and nights at the gym, and the sacrifices taken to get to the top of the leader board would be instantly validated though a shared experience never to be forgotten.

Most of us would love to share something with such competitive significance with our partners. Until then, we’ll go back to arguing bonding and finding another box to train at enjoying each other’s company as we hit 15.5.

 Congratulations to Becs and James.  Give them a comment the Facebook feed.

 Adam Lesniak is the Marketing and Media Manager of Again Faster Australia.  Photos Courtesy of R. Gowing and the CrossFit Games.

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