Rob Forte - 15.1 and Beyond

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:4 March 2015 

Rob Forte - 15.1

We all know Rob Forte’s success as an athlete.  He is sitting near the top of the 2015 Open Leader board (Australia) at the end of week one, and history tells us, over the next four weeks, he is likely to move up and overtake those above him and stake his claim on the Worldwide leader board.  Rob has taught us that there is no secret to becoming one of the fittest men in the world.  It takes a commitment to yourself, your training, a bit of time, some smart planning on game day, and that’s about it.

Most people could achieve this if they chose to commit.  However, Rob’s talent and character goes far beyond being able to lift weights quickly.  Rob and his Again Faster Development team members are proving to be the future leaders of functional fitness.

Rob is one of the go to men for CrossFit competition programming and flow in Australia, and he is building partnerships worldwide to do great things here in Australia.  He was an integral part of programming and organising the All Stars Sports National Affiliate Series competitions last year, he speaks openly about what it means to see the local athletes have that competition outlet:

“For a lot of those guys, they see it as their regionals.  They are training for that experience throughout the year and then they get their team together and travel for a weekend away with their training mates.  So many people come up and thank me during the event.  I love to see them excited about their training.  I really love being a part of that.”

Rob and his staff are also known for the quality and professional presentation of their local competition series in Fankston and Dandenong, Victoria.  Reebok CrossFit Frankston and CrossFit Dandenong will hold multiple comps this year, from Individuals, to Teams, to Partners, and Youth and Masters.  These are becoming legendary events, which are run with absolute precision and timing.  The programming is inclusive enough for intermediate athletes to participate and still sends Regional competitors home with wobbly legs.  Not easy to do but Rob has done it time and time again.

“You don’t need to go too crazy.  Classic CrossFit movements in the right combinations over the course of a day or a weekend allows everyone to participate by using movements everyone is familiar with and will still challenge the most advance athletes who are prepared to push to that max effort.”

He can program and Rob is one hell of a coach, too, (don't forget his Reebok CrossFit Frankston Regionals Team set a work record at Regionals last year) who will be working with Kara Webb, Brian Bucholtz, Gene Suna and the rest of the Again Faster Team to find the next crop of functional fitness athletes in Australia, through the Again Faster Academy.

If you look at the CrossFit Games site, in the teens 14-15 division, you’ll see a young man named Manua Mani at #5 in the world.  He is 14 years old and he is a beast – Rob has helped him get there.

Manua115kg 15.1

“Manua is certainly gifted.  He has a lot of power for his age, but he likes to play rugby and has and really likes weightlifting so he wasn’t really sure where he wanted to take his training, like most kids his age.  I told him he was going to stick with CrossFit because that would help him in everything in sport, school and life.  It would give him the most opportunities.  He PB’ed his Clean and Jerk at the end of 15a with 115kgs, at the age of 14.  My plan is working for him, just like I knew it would.”

So when you see Rob Forte on the leader board, you’re seeing a man whose talent extends far beyond game day.  Rob is working with Again Faster, and you - the community - to take functional fitness to the next level in Australia for all of us.

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Adam Lesniak is the Marketing and Media Manager of Again Faster Australia.  Photo of Rob Forte courtesy of the author.  Photo of Manua Mani courtesy of Reebok CrossFit Frankston.

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