Tracey Stewart - Blue Dinosaur Throwdown Slideshow and Chat 15.5

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:30 March 2015 


Hopefully, you caught Again Faster Development Team member Tracey Stewart’s performance in the Web stream of the Blue Dinosaur Throw-down at Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne this weekend.  She put in the performance of the day.


She finished just seconds behind the fittest woman in Australia, Denae Brown, and Sam Drescher, however, she made them work for it, leading the workout until the final few reps, and proved herself as a real contender when the workout is tough and the pressure is on.

Take a break, work on that mobility you never have time to do and listen as Tracey talks to us about things you think about, too, no doubt – finding a good coach, CrossFit Games Athlete Ruth Anderson Horrell and how that has helped her in the 2015 CrossFit Games Open; maintaining long term mental stability in competitive CrossFit; and balancing long days at the gym with normal life.

It’s a nice chat, you’ll enjoy it.

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