Again Faster Australia - Matt Whyatt - Functional Fitness Ambassador

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:29 June 2015 

Matt Whyatt takes his training seriously and is an Ambassador for Again Faster Australia. In BMX circles, Matt is the man. He is an international Star who is a main character on one the most popular shows on MTV in the US. See Matt's Story Here.

We are proud to announce Matt Whyatt as a Functional Fitness Ambassador for Again Faster Australia.  Matt is at the top of his game in his industry, traveling the world, perfoming to hundreds of thousands of fans during the Nitro Circus Stadium Show tour.  Matt credits a lot of his success to the fitness he's acquired through functional fitness training.  If you take a few minutes to watch some of Matt's BMX videos, you'll see that he is a serious talent.


Like Kara Webb and Rob Forte, Matt Whyatt is poised to become a lasting leader in his industry.  Matt has grown to become an advocate for health and fitness in the BMX scene - which isn't always commonplace.  Using what he knows now, he plans to give back to the BMX community, getting them fitter and stronger than ever, and progress the sport even further.


Matt Whyatt is a future leader of functional fitness in BMX.

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