Author: Jack Clark   Date Posted:14 September 2015 

I found out about the Again Faster Academy through one my P.E teachers. I was immediately curious and thought it would be a great opportunity to benefit my Cross Fitting. 

The CrossFit Open was about a week away and I had no idea what to expect with the introduction of the Teen Division. I was very excited about this development being a teenager and being used to competing against adult males. There was always the excuse in the back of my mind that "it is okay if these men beat me, they are twice my age". 

Now, competing against boys my own age, there are no more excuses. I had to put myself on the line. I didn't expect that I would come out after the five weeks of the open and be5th in Australia and 30th in the world for the 16-17 year-old Boys’ Category.

As anyone else would be, I was interested to meet and get to know the people that are with me on the leader board. The Again Faster Academy gave me this opportunity. The Academy also gave me the chance to meet Kara and Rob face to face. It was awesome! 

When the Again Faster Academy was over, a group chat was made on Facebook between myself and 5 other boys leading up to Rob's Juniors and Masters Competition that we all entered in. We’ve become good mates after a great day of competing. I believe that making good mates who are my age, who take Crossfit as seriously as I do, inspires me to become the best I can while having a good measuring stick. 

Recently, our group came together for Rob’s Beginners Competition. We raised funds for Josh and Rees to get them to the Games in Melbourne. It was a great opportunity for us to hang out and get some hard training sessions in. 

These are awesome times for me and have made me enjoy CrossFit more than ever before. If not for the Again Faster Academy and the Teens Division in the Open, I wouldn’t have had these opportunities. I wouldn’t have made the physical progress I’ve made in the past 6 months. I look forward to the future.

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