Common Misconceptions When Starting Crossfit

Author: Sacha Elms   Date Posted:21 July 2016 

When beginning Crossfit, the stigma around it can either get people fired up, intimidate one a little (or a lot), or even cause a touch of scepticism. However it seems evident that there are plenty of ideas individuals have about Crossfit when starting out that really isn’t what it’s about. 

Fortunately at Again Faster, we’ve tackled three of the regular issues that come up when one is considering starting Crossfit. Hopefully it will offer a bit of clarity!



This is definitely one of the most common excuses people make. And it is probably the one that makes the least amount of sense. Yes, when you think of Crossfit one may think of super ripped people throwing around weights like toothpicks, and doing those weird pullups with ease and grace - but all these Crossfitters had to start somewhere. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey. The whole reason to be doing Crossfit in the first place is to get fit, and everyone in that box is the way they are because they made a conscious decision to take their health and happiness into their own hands, and not let the worry about their current abilities or what others may think dictate their potential. The choice is yours.



This is mostly brought up among women who don’t want to do Crossfit as they are scared they will get too muscular. A lot of it stems from the stigma that women shouldn’t be lifting weights, and also from seeing footage of the top athletes in the sport area of Crossfit.

Research proves time and time again that lifting weights is not only beneficial, but essential for keeping a high quality of life as one ages. Preventing and managing diseases such as osteoporosis is only one of the many positives of lifting weight. It is also what will help prepare you for everyday tasks, from moving heavy objects to carrying in the shopping.

The second contributor for women not wanting to do Crossfit is because they see the top athletes on TV or the internet, and think that if they jump into their local Crossfit box they will instantly look like one of the incredibly fit and strong women you see at the Games. Regardless of whether the aesthetic is to your appeal, these women have worked extremely hard for the bodies they have. It has meant incredible sacrifice of time and energy, endless experimenting with eating patterns, and an unbreakable will to be the best they absolutely can be.

 As a general rule of thumb, going to Crossfit 3 – 5 times a week will not make you look like these women (of course this also depends on other sporting commitments and lifestyle factors). Besides, if one is worried about putting on too much muscle, talk to your coach about modifying workouts to suit your needs. They will be happy to help. 



This is a very common label that Crossfit is saddled with – “Crossfit makes you injured”.

When done under good supervision, coaching, and importantly, when you are a teachable athlete, Crossfit is a very safe and effective program. However as with all sports that require any degree of physical exertion, injuries do occur. In Crossfit, the point is to move well, continuously pursue improved motor patterns, and work around any pain with wisdom and patience. “Mechanics – Consistency - Intensity” is the name of the game. Obviously any deviation away from these points puts the athletes in more danger of hurting themselves. 


Crossfit is an excellent rehabilitation tool for injuries (provided one’s doctor and coach is happy), and properly utilised, will greatly assist in preventing future ones.

Crossfit is suitable for anyone of any age. It is an excellent strength and conditioning program that enables you to live a more enriched and healthy life. It brings you a supportive and like-minded community, develops discipline, and a will to refuse to give up. You will feel the healthiest you have in many years, or even your whole life.

Go find a Crossfit box and try it out. There is no denying it’s very hard. But be warned – it’s highly addictive.

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