Wall mounted folding squat rack: HUGE GAINZ in a small space.

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:9 December 2016 

A folding squat rack will let you do a lot of work in a small training space.

There is nothing more valuable than space when you are talking about setting up a training area. If you have garage that you try to train in, you know how difficult it can be to clear out the space needed to set up a dedicated training area. And if you own a gym, we don’t have to tell you how valuable floor space is for you. Floor space equals revenue.

Let’s face it. Constantly shuffling equipment around to make for space training can be a real pain. Human nature sets in and next thing you know you’re not using the space to its full capacity because it’s a ten-minute job to clear the space before you can even start your workout.

If you want to keep valuable space in your gym open for new clients or want to train at home and still get the car in garage, a wall mounted folding squat rack could be just what you’ve been looking for.


Yes, it can hold as much weight as you can throw at it

Again Faster Wall Mounted Squat Rack

When we designed the Again Faster wall mounted folding squat rack, we thought about who was likely to use it – duh! Of course, functional fitness athletes come in all shapes and sizes so it had to suit everyone from people who just wanted to do a few squats in their garage to serious strength athletes who couldn’t afford to miss a workout when they couldn’t make it to the gym.

A folding squat rack should be easy to set up and use, and should be able to handle any weight you can throw at it. You should be able to do heavy squatting and pressing and feel totally safe while using the rack.

The beauty of this design is that all the weight is transferred away from the wall onto the uprights that come down and rest on the floor. It’s only when the stand is folded up that there is any weight transferred to the wall – 50kgs spread across 16 fixings, which is no big deal for most structures. So even if you are jerking and squatting some serious weight you can be completely confident this stand and handle anything you can throw at it. You can be confident is it will sit nicely on your wall with no problems too.

When you use a stand like this, you’ll notice how easily it swings away from and folds back into the wall. It feels light in the hand with a smooth motion: it’s magic! All you need to do is pull out the safety pins, grab the yellow handles, give it a little jiggle and easily lower it to the floor. You’ll be squatting in less than 30 seconds with no fuss at all.


It is easy to install

We’ve included a video to show how easy it is to assemble your new folding squat stand - it comes in few separate pieces in a box. Check out the product page here to see the .pdf assembly instructions. You simply pull the pieces out of the box, bolt them together, slap the rack to the wall and you’re ready to go. It’s a one person job but grab a handy friend if you’d like some help.


You can setup a folding squat rack pretty much at any type of wall.

You can fit the rack to pretty much any wall material you’d find in a normal garage or gym. Concrete, bricks, besser brick or plaster are all no problem. Concrete anchors and plaster anchors are included in the kit which will work for most installations. If you need another type of fixing just have a chat to the guys at your local hardware shop for the correct fixing you need. Of course, if there is any concern of damaging the integrity of the wall, make sure to check with a local builder also just to be sure.


You’ll get years of use out of a rack like this

Whether you’re installing this rack in your gym or garage, you’ll get heaps of good use out of it. In a garage, you can simply fold it up and down which will allow you to do some good training in a relatively small space and it will be tucked away when you are not using it. Just don’t throw all the camping stuff in front of it!

In a gym, you could have several folding squat racks down a long wall or tuck a couple of extra stations in a quiet area of the gym to get better use out of the space. You can fold them down when a squat session is on and then fold them up to have a bit of extra conditioning space. Either way, a wall mounted folding squat stand could be a perfect solution for you.


To save valuable training space and see how easy the Again Faster wall mounted folding squat stand is to use, click here  »



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