30hr Pea, Ham & Broccoli Soup

Author: Alice Nicholls   Date Posted:23 August 2016 


I made the most freakin’ delicious soup this week. 

It’s thrifty and delicious.


Made with chicken broth and organic ham hocks. This incredibly delicious soup comes with a whack of gut-healing and digestive system supportive gelatin + collagen.

It’s such a simple dish I don’t even have to go into lists of ingredients and that whole charade.

1. Slow-cook an organic pork hock (I got mine from one of my all-time fave organic butchers ‘Gary’s Quality Meats’ in Prahran Market) in chicken stock for 24 hours to make the most incredible bone-broth (you’ll need about 1 -1.5 litres of stock).

2. Add one bag of – frozen – organic peas for the last 8 hours.

3. Remove 2 cups of the cooked broth and half the peas and blend along with a whole head of raw organic broccoli (I do it in my much-loved Vitamix for extra smoothness).

4. Add blended greens back in the slow-cooker for a final last 15 mins on high.

Sprinkle of sea salt, ANNNDD she’s done.

Bloody-brilliant #MakeYourGrandmaProud.




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