Squat Stand: Why you need one for your training.

Author: Adam Lesniak   Date Posted:6 December 2016 

Again Faster Squat Stand 3.0

A squat stand is a classic piece of training equipment you can’t be without. A squat stand will allow you to work safer under the bar with heavier weight, vary your training with additional exercises and we bet there are some accessories you can add to the stand that you didn’t even know about. 


Here are the benefits of training with a good squat stand.


1. A squat stand makes training safer

If you are going to be lifting heavy weight, you want to stay safe.  The whole point of training is to push yourself and gain strength, but if you injure yourself, you can’t train.  Train heavy and often but train safe.

A squat stand like the Again Faster 3.0 squat stand gives you something solid to train with and safely rack a heavy barbell.  When you’re shaky from finishing that last set of 5x5s, you want to know you’ve got a stable squat stand to slam the bar back into. No doubt you’ll be sweaty, shaky, seeing double and going black all at the same time, so you want to be able to get your barbell back into the j-hooks safely and step out just before the rush sets in and you go weak in the knees.  You know what I’m talking about!

Since the J-hooks are fully adjustable on the 3.0 squat stand, you’ll be able to position them to the perfect height.  This will keep you from having to hunch over or get on your tippy toes to rack a heavy barbell.  That’s a disaster waiting to happen.  The discs in your back know what I’m taking about!

The J-hooks on the 3.0 squat stand have been formed with 20 tonnes of pressure, so you can be confident that you can put any kind of weight on the 3.0 squat stand and it’s up for the job.


2. It’s easy to assemble and use

A squat stand is made up of a few simple pieces of steel so assembly should be easy.  The uprights, the base and a couple of connectors.  A well-designed squat stand will take you a half an hour or less to put together. In our 3.0 stand, all the nuts and bolts are in the box so it’s just a matter of having a quick look at the final product and bolting the pieces together.  One handy tip though -  A socket wrench and a shifter will make this job much easier for you.

Assembly of a squat stand should be a one-person job.  So, don’t worry about needing to have your partner, your best mate, your best mate’s partner and whoever else there to save you certain heart ache.  It should be easy.  Just bolt the pieces together, stand the squat stand up and start lifting!

The best thing about the 3.0 squat stand is that once it’s up, that’s it.  There is almost no maintenance to be done after assembly.  It’s recommended to nip up the nuts every few weeks but they come with nylon threads so they are very unlikely to loosen on you without warning.  Check that it’s not getting wobbly every now and then and that’s about all you need to do.  Nice and easy.


3. It’s versatile.  It’s a transformer.

The Again Faster Squat Stand 3.0 is compatible with all our 2x3 Team rig accessories.  You might like to add the 2x3 dip station, the 2x3 spotter’s arms or the pullup bar.  Make sure to have a look because you’ll find a heap of training accessories you might like to add on.

You might also like to add a bit more functionality to your squat stand too; and you can.  Check out the pull up bar and half rack conversion kit.  It completely transforms your squat stand into an awesome training structure.  It’s an incredible set up for a gym or garage and allows you to add storage through the attachable 2x3 weight pegs.  You’ll be able to keep you training area organised, clean and sorted.

A question you might have is can you do gymnastics kipping movements on the pull up bar.  Yes, you can.  Just have a look at the base of the squat stand.  You’ll notice there are some holes for you to bolt the stand to the floor.  Bolt it down and kip as hard as you like.

Also, keep in mind you are not limited to squatting on the this stand.  Of course, heavy pressing and jerking can be done on this stand too.  If you grab the Again Faster Flat bench also, now you’ve really opened up the possibility of doing some quality training in a small space.  There are a lot of great options for you with a squat stand like this.


4. It’s a mobile training area

We’re guessing one of the reasons you’re looking at a squat stand is because you want something that doesn’t take up much space and is easily mobile.  The 3.0 squat stand fits in a small space and can be moved by one person, no problem.

If you grab the stand by the uprights you can easily slide it around on concrete like a garage floor.  Alternatively, if you are on gym matts, you just need to tip it up a bit more and put in a bit more effort because of the extra friction on the rubber. But it’s really no problem for one person to move around your gym or garage.

A good squat stand is also able to be moved to another training location quite easily too.  Put it in the bed of a ute, slide it into a large van or pop it on a garden trailer to take it to an event, a mate’s place or anywhere you like.  That’s the beauty of having a flexible piece of equipment like this.


5. It will last you forever

A squat stand like this is going to last you forever.  There aren’t any moving parts, very little maintenance and it’s all steel construction makes it bomb proof.  You’ll quite easily pass it on to your grandkids, who of course, will be lifters too!

A squat stand is an essential piece of classic equipment you need for your gym or garage.  It allows you to lift heavy weight safely, train anywhere and vary your training with dozens of possible functional fitness and weightlifting exercises. 


You’ll love all the benefits a squat stand has to offer you.


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