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Again Faster Barbells

You can train the house down in any dicipline using Again Faster Barbells:


Olympic Weightlifting

Functional Fitness Training

General Weightlifting Gym Training

A good barbell needs to have three main qualities to be considered the best barbell for CrossFit® and Olympic Weight Lifting.

The Knurling

  • It's agressive but smooth enough that it won't tear the you know what out of your thumbs in a high rep snatch work out.

Ever since the first Evolution Barbell in 2006, we have put special attention into making sure every barbell has a knurling that is agressive enough to allow you to hang on for extra reps but not make your thumbs so sore you can't back it up the next day.

Our knurlings are perfect for CrossFit Style, High Intensity Weightlifting.

The Spin

  • You don't notice spin on a bar much when you first start lifting but if won't be long until you notice you are missing critical lifts or feeling extra fatigue due to an inefficent barbell.

The bushes and needle bearings in our bars have been battle tested for many years now and are still spinning strong.

The Evolution bar has proven itself as the industry workhorse, the Team 2.0 is second to none and the Klokov bar belongs on any Olympic Platform in the World.

The Finish

  • No body likes the look of a rusty bar. You want your bar to be bright and make the plates zing as you slap on more weight.

Having a choice of a couple of colours is nice, too.  We give you three options with the Team 2.0 barbell along with nice, brightly coloured end caps on the Evolution and Team 2.0 bars, and you get the identification bands in male and female colours on the Klokov barbells.

Nothing's stopping you now.  Buy the one you've been wanting and we'll ship it out straight away.


Click through below and check out the features and specs of each bar.

Now get the bar you need, get into some Klokov Training and start hitting some amazing PR's!